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She did it! "L's" success story.

"L" has been receiving care from #obv since 2012, including shelter, education, medical care, psychological counseling, and vocational training. She is at high-risk of sexual exploitation, which to us means that either a) her mother is a sex worker b) her siblings were sold for sex or were victims of sexual abuse or c) she lived in close proximity to a known predator.

After 18 months of intense hospitality and food safety training at STREETS International in Hoi An, Vietnam, "L" successfully completed her program! She persevered through many personal and emotional challenges, including being far from her family who did not support her decision to achieve higher education.

"L", 3 other OBV-referred trainees, and her classmates received their certificates of completion on Thursday, March 26th, 2020 in Hoi An, Vietnam.

With our ongoing encouragement and that of her teachers, "L" now stands proudly with a bright future ahead. She is the perfect picture of what success looks like to us. We will continue to follow her journey for years to come.

We truly believe that when given tools, girls can change their entire communities.

Congratulations, "L"! You did it!!

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