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Tune into our podcast interview, hosted by Min Sukree!

Min Sukree is a resilient survivor of childhood sexual abuse who is committed to spreading positivity, self-confidence, and self-acceptance. Born in Thailand, Min understands the complexities of corruption, societal attitudes, and culture and how it perpetuates child sexual exploitation in Southeast Asia.

We invite you to tune into her podcast interview with our President, Angela Nguyen, as we dive into the important work that One Body Village does, the impact we make, the challenges that our children face that has never been shared on social media, and how you can help us continue our mission to end child sexual exploitation.

It's a long interview, but worth it. Please let us know what you think!

Disclaimer: we encourage you to find a safe space and come with an open mind before you tune in. Some of the content discussed is sensitive, but needs to be heard!

Thank you for your love and support of our organization. Together, we are stronger than slavery! #obv #obvcanada #freedomforallchildren #stopchildsexslavery

Click here to listen to the podcast. Thanks for tuning in!

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