Every child deserves to be free from abuse and exploitation to achieve their hopes and dreams. At the core of our rescue, rehabilitation, and prevention services is the commitment to honour the value and dignity of all children who come across our programs so that we can maintain and promote their self-esteem, self-worth, and self-respect. 



We travel by ground, air, and water to reach children wherever they need us, even in the most remote regions of Vietnam and Cambodia. We work closely with other NGOs, government agencies, and local law enforcement to provide crisis intervention and case management to high-risk and sexually exploited children. 

*Photo does not portray victims or survivors. 



To help child victims regain their human dignity and restore their self-esteem, we provide confidential shelter in a peaceful and safe environment where they are treated with the utmost dignity and respect. We value active participation from the children and their families in all aspects of their care. Through a trauma-informed approach, the children receive 24/7 caregiving, behavioural care, and psychological counseling that support their path towards healing. 



We help girls realize their self-worth and potential by supporting their education, life skills training (e.g., healthy relationships, financial literacy) and vocational training free of charge with the goal that they regain and maintain a life free from poverty and exploitation. The sky is the limit! 

*Photo does not portray victims or survivors. 



We combat child sexual abuse and exploitation by delivering education and workshops related to child protection in high-risk communities throughout Vietnam and Cambodia. We actively participate in local and national conferences, news, and media appearances to raise our voice for children everywhere.



One Body Village Canada is a registered charity that provides shelter, education, medical care, psychological counseling, and vocational training to child survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation in Southeast Asia. 

Together, we can help children regain their human dignity, realize their self worth, restore their self-esteem, and rebuild their lives!

CRA Registration No. 776896524RR0001



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