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Our #travelwithpurpose2019 volunteer, Dezz, shares an honest post about her experience:

"The last few days have left me at a loss for words to describe how this volunteer experience with @onebodyvillagecanada has left me feeling....... . All I know is that I’ve met some incredible humans that have showed insurmountable levels of tenacity, resiliency, & LOVE! . Even in the short time we’ve shared together, I feel an indescribable connection with them...especially with the young ladies @ the OBV house. . Before going into the house I had so many questions: How will they react to us? Will they be quiet, shy, nervous, or scared of us? How will we communicate, since we don’t speak each other’s languages? Will they want to play with us? . I was SO nervous! What would I say? How should I behave? Can I hug them? . I decided I would let them take the lead...& they did!! They made us feel welcomed in their home & asked us to play. Once we brought some of the gifts we brought of board/card games, paper/pens/markers/coloring books; they asked us to draw & color & play the games with them. They even tried to teach us some Vietnamese!!! 🤣They held our hands & hugged us & made us feel comfortable.🤗 . I’m so grateful to have had this experience & can’t wait to do it again! Now it’s off to Cambodia to meet more children supported by OBV & I can’t wait to see what adventures we’ll have! . Special thanks to @angielahh & her OBV staff, Vy & Thao for keeping us safe, entertained & well-fed!! 😘"

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