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Our #travelwithpurpose2019 volunteer, David, shares a moving post about his experience:

"Ahead of our trip to Vietnam & Cambodia, I didn’t know what to expect. I hoped that I’d get out of it what I often get out of our travels, a new understanding of local cultures and a renewed appreciation for the life we are blessed with in Canada. But this trip has given me so much more.

What that “more” is, I’m struggling to put into words.

To say I feel sorry for the @onebodyvillagecanada girls we met would be unfair. There is no indication they are looking for, nor need, our pity. To say I feel sad for them would also be inaccurate. Yes, I feel sad for what they have had to endure. For the emotional and physical pain they have been exposed to at such young ages. Each girl’s story is different. But they all share the common thread or threat of sexual exploitation.

But to meet the girls is to know hope. The smiles and the laughter we shared over a brief few days truly touched my heart. But the even bigger impact has been to feel the hope that these girls will not only be okay, but will thrive in life. They have goals and aspirations. They are getting an education. And I truly hope that means they have a future brighter than their past.

I will continue to reflect on our past 8 days with OBV. From meeting the amazing OBV staff to new friendships with an amazing group of folks. And I will reflect on how a group of little humans has had such a profound impact on me. Scrolling through photos of the girls while making this post made me realize how much I will miss them. Even as I type that, it doesn’t sound like something I’d say. But there you have it.

I wish them all the best in life. But this is not a “prayers and thoughts” kinda sentiment. Rather, I will do what I can to continue to help the victims of sex trafficking. Because this s&@t is far to prevalent."

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