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"I've traveled to many countries around the world, including developing ones, and this trip has by far been the most impactful." - David, Volunteer

Our #travelwithpurpose2019 trip between May 23-31, 2019 was a huge success! Eight volunteers from across Canada joined our meaningful adventure to explore Vietnam and Cambodia, meet our dedicated staff, connect with our courageous and resilient children, and get inspired by not only OBV, but the many individuals and NGOs in the local community who bring about real change!

From home visits, community outreach to spending quality time with our children, including our older girls who now live independently or are attending vocational training programs, our volunteers were able to piece together the real impact that we have in the lives of these children.

"I feel like I can go home now and tell everyone about the hope that OBV brings to the lives of these children". - Dezz, Volunteer

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Together, we can end child sexual exploitation in our lifetime.

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