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Instagram Repost @asiancaucasian

Repost from one our directors, Aaron, who joined our #travelwithpurpose2019 trip between May 23-31, 2019:

"Long post incoming:

Last night we had some free time during the third night of our @onebodyvillagecanada volunteer trip. I suggested we go down to the backpacker's district in Saigon for a few beers and to play a little game I coined a few years ago: Spot the Pervert. Rules are as follows, try to count how many "inappropriate" couples walk by, namely foreign older men with young Asian women who for the most part are clearly working girls. We bet on under/over 20 of these couples in an hour with the losers having some shots. I'm disgusted to report that we easily hit this with 20 minutes to spare. The first photo here is the 20th of these couples. Seems like a silly and callous game, but I wanted to show the volunteers how prevalent and easy it is for sex with younger girls to be obtained by foreigners. I was physically sick with disgust halfway through and did my best to hide it. The thought of these girls that look so much like and could easily be my sisters, cousins and friends that I grew up with being used in this way was infuriating. I ask that if this troubles you, write to your Member of Parliament to increase enforcement of the prosecution of Canadian sex tourists. Btw: I bet on the under and lost. I had slightly more faith in humanity than my peers and was proven wrong."

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