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Setting Sail

I found myself at church yesterday. The priest said, "He does not need your money, He needs your love". I must admit I am not a religious person, and so the rest of mass was well consumed with jumbled thoughts pacing in my mind. This quote, however, brought me back to the conference room in August where I listened to Father Martino speak of the OBV children and how "they don't need your money or lavish gifts, they just need your love". My love for these kids, who are complete strangers to me, has set me on this journey. I love their innocence, their tragedy, their courage, their hopes, their dreams, and their future. I can only hope that at the very least, I can share these children's stories to tug at the hearts of my friends and family the way that it has toiled mine. I leave for Vietnam after midnight tonight. With my mind pacing, my heart racing, my hands sweating, and my feet shaking, I am ready to have these girls change my life so much more than I could ever influence theirs.

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