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2018 Volunteer Trip Part 4 - Battambang, Cambodia

We had such a great time with Sister Chanthu in Battambang, which is a small town in Cambodia close to the Thai border. Many men and women here, unskilled and uneducated, often cross the border into Thailand for economic opportunities. They leave their children behind wandering the streets, vulnerable to abduction and exploitation. Sister Chanthu takes care of orphans, whose parents have long died or never returned.

"I only want to give them the gift and blessing that my mother gave me, which is love. I want them to grow up to love themselves and their community and hopefully one day they can help children like themselves too". She takes care of 15 children that all treat each other with love and respect. She's a true hero without a cape.

Sister Chanthu Le refers children to us that have been sexually abused or exploited, like little L. in this photo.

Sister Chanthu Le and her 15 children welcomed us into their home with open arms. Her orphans performed various songs and dances for us, and even shared with us their future hopes and dreams that melted the volunteers' hearts.

"What these kids lack in possessions, they boast with love. They said they received a "blessing" to have found each other, even under the most grievous of circumstances and each want to grow up to help their community. They radiate with hope and a gentle innocence that makes my heart so full. I can offer them material things, but I can't offer the virtuous teachings of Sister Chanthu that keep these orphans so honest and noble. They are going to grow up and become something great." - Angela (OBV Canada President)

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