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Instagram Repost @enodugums

Repost from one of our directors, Ena, who joined our #travelwithpurpose2019 trip between May 23-31, 2019:

"How full can one's heart be? How much love can one's heart have? . . Returning to this place that stole my heart 2 years ago has been more than a blessing, it has reminded me of what hope looks like. Seeing these girls play, laugh and thrive reminds me of why I joined @onebodyvillagecanadain the first place. Seeing these girls grow, become women, finding vocations that they're passionate about, finding love and having families reminds me that what we do, works! What we are doing matters! Their stories, their histories, and their trauma no longer defines them nor does it enslave them. And that is truly a miracle. . . These girls taught me what it means to love and for that, I'm thankful."

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