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Instagram Repost @enodugums

Thoughtful post by our director, Ena, who joined our #travelwithpurpose trip May 23-31, 2019:

"How can a place be so full of hope yet so full of darkness? . . . Today we took the girls to the amusement park and watched them be kids. They ran around yelling for this attraction or that, giggled, laughed and screamed on the rides, and took instagram worthy pictures at every pretty backdrop. For a second we forgot that they were anything but normal children. Their smiles, their amusement and their glee filled our hearts with joy, with love and with hope. It truly was a magical day, with a magnificent sunset to end it all. . . . But then night came and the streets filled with neon lights, people and alcohol. And we played a stupid but eye-opening game: guess whether there would be more or less than 20 "inappropriate couples" who walk by within the hour. I guessed over, hoping to be proven wrong, but within 45 minutes, we already met the quota and the game was over. We sat across from what was obviously a brothel, drinking to celebrate our win (while the others drank in punishment for their loss). Imagine if @onebodyvillagecanada was not a thing, what would be of our girls? The same ones who laughed and played and screamed in glee today? The normal children who ran around the park with not a care in the world? Would they be here instead?"

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